Website Design


Setup FeeSetup includes all initial consultation and correspondence needed to draft a design or to determine the resources needed to port over an existing design from an existing site. Project scope should be determined at this time. Additional consultation outside of the inital project scope is charged separately.$500 one time fee
Basic PageThis type of page includes static data, images and text. This option should only be used for pages that require no content that changes on a regular basis.$200 / page
Advanced PageThis type of page includes dynamic data, images and text. This option should be used when the page's content needs to change frequently or has some function that causes changes to its content.$400 / page
FormsForms can be used to capture data entered by users and your clients. This is a great option for tracking information that can be emailed or stored using a database (database hosting is charged separately as needed).$400 / page
Domain and Site HostingDomains can be purchased and then used by our recommended hosting service. This service includes 5 email addresses, 1 subdomain and 100MB of storage. This includes regular backup and restoration of the site as needed.$100 / year
Database HostingDatabase Hosting is required for any data that needs to be stored on the server and used by the website, for example with the use of forms that need to track information$100 / year
SEO ServicesSearch Engine Optimization services include updates on major search engines like Google and Bing. This is billed from a prepaid retainer. Analytic reports that include the number of visitors and related information can be emailed as needed or setup to be generated weekly.$125 / hour
$1,000 retainer
Advanced Site MaintenanceMaintenance that needs to occur on the site, including corrections and updates as needed are billed from a prepaid retainer. This can include user requested backups and restorations of databases or other content outside of normal weekly/daily procedures.$125 / hour
$1,000 retainer
Full CustomizationWe also offer fully customizable options for features needed by our clients. Anything that is determined to be technically feasible can be incorporated into the design and functionality of the websites we produce.

For example, the integration of the following technologies:
Google Maps, Google Calendar, Facebook, Twitter, Smartphone and Tablet capability and compatiblity, Tumblr blogs, Chat rooms, Forums, Galleries, Paypal and Merchant Services, Shopping Carts and many others.
$125 / hour
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